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Product Description

This plugin is for ONLY javo spot, Javo Directory (V3) wordpress theme.
(it will not be working properly if you don’t use javo spot, Javo Directory (V3) theme.)
if you are using another themes, please request us for compatibility. ( )

On the page which introduces a certain place, the opnions of the users who have experienced the pertinent place offer a lot of helps to other users, who have not yet.
Also, the rating will be helpful for some customers to face a certain place. You will be able to impart a considerably beneficial function to this sort of users through this plugin.

– Comment
Users can compose their own opinions through the review function and add some relevant images.

– Rating
You can set up the number and name of rating field, and users can give some rating to this one.

Documentation :
Documentation :
※ The design can be different by our theme due to update issues.

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