Welcome to Lava Directory Manager Addons

Welcome to Lava directory Manager Addons Site.
We provide the most advanced google map options in addons. 

Provide Google map directory listing feature and front-end form.

Provide the most & newest advanced options in Google Map API.

Provide options to setup, modify easily. Save your time.

Theme compatibiliity. Worked on Javo Directory Themes.

For your unique options

If you have advanced options for your project or unique options you need, please contact us for a paid customization. Affordable price and save your time.


Our Team

Our love WordPress and building WordPress Plugins. We used to work with Javo Team. That’s the reason we have many Javo Theme addons. We are willing to have more theme author partners to have more addons and products. 

Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.