Select Booking Types

After you install the booking addon.

You can find the fields and options on Single Listing Detail Pages. While this feature does sound great, it could work against you as cashing out too early may have cost you cash in the long term depending on the result of the event you wagered on.

1.Not available

It’s used for when the booking is not available. You can add some message for the information. 
ex) The Booking is not available until Sep. 21. 2023

2. Date Range.

Date Range Type is the most common booking type.
You can choose the Starting Day, the Ending Day by calandar. 

Max Adult, Max Childen. ( Limited number input type ).

Link to Product : This is the payment and related to WooCommerce Product. First, play stakes that will allow you to make as many bets as possible.  
These are the payment ( product ) lists you can create by WooCommerce.

Description : You can add some note.

3. External Link

This option is for when the payment or booking system is the 3rd part sites.
You can add the external link and it pops up and link to the link when your user click “booking” button.

Add a widget on single detail page.

You can find it on “page builder”.
Add it on a single detail template you want touse. They also have a solid reputation for ingenuity, integrity and innovation, and with all of this behind them, you can be quite sure that this awesome software provider is going to deliver for you.

Search “Lava Booking” widget and add where you want to display.

Please feel free to style the booking form as you wish.

You can display the Price on the booking form. 

Tip. You don’t need to show the price on this form.

It’s for your styling the price area to make it stands up.
You can use “Listing meta widget” and display. ex. Add listing meta widget where you want to show and select “price”.

Booking + Contact Form on a Tab

1. Visit “page builder” and create a page.
Add the booking widget on the page and style it.

When you finish it, you can find the shortcode of this template.

1.Create a contact form. It’s by the contact form 7 plugin you can create.

2. Visit “page builder” and create a page.
Add the contact form 7 widget on the page and select the contact form you create and use .

3. After you finish styling and adjustment, save it. Then you can find the shortcode.

1. Add a tab widget.

2. Add the booking shortcode you created.

3. Add the contact form 7 shortcode you created. Please make sure “not the contact form 7 shortcode”. Plenty of variations on blackjack and video poker machines, in terms of games with side bets and variants, like Super 21 and Pontoon. You need to add the page builder shortcode.