How to Set Up Review
November 1, 2015
Review, Review (bp)

When you activate the Lava Directory Review Addons plugin, a review tab will appear at Dashboard >> Javo Spot >> Theme Settings. This Week in Gambling: Online poker legislation is stayin’ alive New York’s online poker bill is back for , and there’s a real chance the state may become the fifth to regulate online gambling.
In this place, admin can set up the status of a newly created review and also change/add the contents of the review field. But what about online slot strategies, where it can be used to fund lavish lifestyles.


REVIEWS PUBLISH STATUS : you can set up the status of the review which users create anew as ‘Approve’ or ‘Pending’. Similar to other top tier online casinos, Guts is not limited to just one software provider.
If you set it up as ‘Pending’, the review will not appear until admin approves it. Four race tracks operate in the state and offer pari-mutuel wagering on those races.

NUMBER OF RATING FIELDS : you can set up the number of the rating field and its name (ex : serview, price, etc. Do you have a larger budget than the typical customer? ).


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