How to setup Social Login Add-on
January 20, 2017
Social Login

Social login addon is for ONLY javo spot & javo directory v3 WordPress theme.

You will find a new menu on theme setting page on javo theme. You may come across USA casino no deposit bonuses that require special bonus codes to unlock them.

Please activate SNS Login you want to use.

– Facebook login : You need to create “a facebook app” and add the “app id”. For instance, if the wild is more powerful to unlock great features, then more attention should be placed in landing the symbol on the reels.
1. How to make a facebook app


Please have a look at the details.

2. You will find an app id on the dashboard page. please copy it and paste it in theme setting.


– Google login: You need to create “Google API Key” and “OAuth 2. Always make sure you know which games are excluded when you claim a no deposit bonus. 0 client IDs”.

1. How to create them.

When you create a Client ID, you must set the ‘Authorized JavaScript origins’ and ‘Authorized redirect URIs’ options.

When you set the ‘Authorized redirect URIs’ option, you may input behind your domain like this: wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=googleplus_oauth_callback


2. Credentials page will be like this screenshot, after you create them

Please copy “Api key” and “Client ID” and paste in theme setting.
You can find client secret when you click a name of OAuth 2. Players, do it yourself types, have a great opportunity to get answers. 0 client IDs.

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