How to use advanced single pages addon
December 29, 2016
Advanced single pages

If you use this addon, you will use various type of the single listing page.
You can surely set up different type for every listings. (This can only be set up by admin)
1. Global setting : You can see the Single lv_listing type option here : Theme Settings >> Listing. If you change this, you will change the type of the all listing page.

2. Each Listing Pages : If you go to Dashboard >> Listings >> Add New or back-end edit page of the listing, you will see the options which this addon provides.

Layout Style : You can change the type of the listing page by this option.

Featured Image Custom Height : You can set up the height of the header part. (featured image, detail image slider, map…etc)
(Default 550px. exclude half style)
ex) 800px

Display Item Detail section :You can make the Item Detail section Enabled/Disabled.

Title Background Transparent : You can make the Background of title section Enabled/Disabled.

Spyscroll Navigation Background : You can set up the background color of the spyscroll navi.
(This option will only work when type a, type b, type half )

Spyscroll Navigation Text Color : You can set up the font color of the spyscroll navi.
(This option will only work when type a, type b, type half)

Spyscroll Navigation is here :
Post Meta Background : It’s possible to change your custom color on featured image area (header part)

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