How to Use Payment
March 3, 2016

Once you install the Payment addon and activate it, a Payment tab is generated at Dashboard >> Listings >> Settings.

Requires: Basically, you can use this addon only when Woocommerce is installed. This place lets you know whether or not Woocommerce is installed. Video Poker Video poker is a single-player version of poker that follows the rules of 5-Card Draw.
Payment Settings: You can activate or deactivate the payment function.
Page Settings: When a user tries to compose a listing, the admin can set up the price table page which moves. Only players who post their cashback requests will be considered for this promotion.

Once the payment function is activated, please move to Products >> Add Product. These vary according to the casino and the payment method. In this place, please select the Product Data as ‘Lava Item Package’.
Free Listing: This option allows users to compose the listing for free. You should set up the Regular Price field as 0. The experience will remain outstanding for all the players.
Item Listing limit: You can set up the amount of the listing which users can make.
Item Listing Duration: You can set up the period during which the listing the user makes is activated.
Set as a featured listing: You can set this up in order that users may make the Featured Listing.
Use a video to show (Addons required): If you are using a video addon, you and your customers can see the video field on the submit page. If you do not check this option, users who purchase this package can not use the video field.
Limit image amounts: You can limit the number of detail images uploaded to the listing.

Users can see the packages which are purchased on My Page.



If you need to set subscription options, you need to use WC subscription plugin and see the doc how to set up the subscription.

This plugin is by WooCommerce and you need to contact them to assist you. Over and above that you need to understand what makes the best game.

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