How To Setup

Please make sure if Lava Directory Manager is up to date. 

If there is an update message, please update it.

Activate the Woocommerce plugin.

Please go to dashboard.
Install it and also activate it. ( if you don’t know how to install, please have a look at this post. )

1. Go to Products > Add New
2. Check the “This product is lava booking” checkbox in Product Data.
3. Set the Adult, Child price and click Publish to save the product.

(You do not have to enter regular price and sale price.)

1. Set the required items Start day and End day.
2. Set either Adult or Child.
3. Select the Lava booking product you created from the required product field.

1. Navigate to the javo > Page Builder in the admin page
2. Go to the Edit Listing Detail template page you are using
3. Add the “Lava booing” widget to the desired location