How To Setup

Lava Dynamic Compare for auto generation json files.

Please make sure if Lava Directory Manager, Lava Directory Manager Pro is up to date.

If there is an update message, please update it.

Please go to dashboard.
Install it and also activate it. ( if you don’t know how to install, please have a look at this post. )

Enter the page builder menu and edit the module created for listing purposes in Elementor.

Insert the module repeater meta widget inside the element and set the meta field value to the ‘Dynamic compare button’ in the left setting panel.

Go to the listing module you just edited, check if a dynamic compare button has been created, and click the button to add it to the compare list.

If you press the button, you can go to the compare list page by clicking the compare button in the pop-up window on the top right.

From the left menu, enter the ‘Listing Type’ menu and edit one of the listing categories

And check ‘Use Compare field’ in the field setting window in the ‘Field’ tab

If you go to the compare list page, you can compare the listing information in the table as shown in the photo below.