How To Setup

Lava WC Page Builder for auto generation json files.

Please make sure if Woocommerce is up to date.

If there is an update message, please update it.

Please go to dashboard.
Install it and also activate it. ( if you don’t know how to install, please have a look at this post. )


Please Visit  Page Builder in Javo Theme Menu


You can create a new template by clicking the button at the top.

There is an input to enter the title at the top of the page builder setting page.

Then you set ‘Product Detail’ options in the buider option box at the bottom. 

First press the’publish’ button on the far right to publish, then click the’Edit with elementor’ button in the middle to edit your template.

Drag and drop the javo WC product detail meta widget over the section from the left widget panel.

With this one widget, you can create all the components of the product detail page.

In the widget setting dragged to the desired location, set the field value of the product detail page.

This is a meta that shows product images, and a total of 6 gallery types can be set (ex. left, right, top, bottom, list, number).

Additionally, it also includes a zoom effect setting and an on-off function to hide the gallery.

In the ‘left’ and ‘right’ gallery types, the height of the gallery can be directly set, so it must be set according to the height of the product photo.

You can use this meta to change the background color and text color of the add to cart button. Or you can create your own button using custom CSS.

First, description is divided into two types, long and short, and can be set in the field value. In addition, there are a method in which a description appears immediately and a method for a Canvas Popup button, and can be set on or off under the field value setting.

Long description and short description can be set separately on the product setting page. Depending on the desired length of the description to be entered, you can choose one of the two.

You can change text color and font properties in Style of Price Meta. You can also set the sale price and the original product price separately.

Like the description meta, the review meta can be changed into a canvas pop-up button, and can be selected and placed in a desired shape.

In the canvas pop-up form, it appears as in the picture below.

Additional information meta can also be changed to a Canvas Popup button as above, and can be changed to a desired style through custom CSS.


Category, SKU, and tag Meta can change font properties and colors in style, and prefix can be set to desired text.


The bread crumb property can also change the color and font, and the link text color and font can be set separately.