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This plugin is for ONLY javo spot, Javo Directory (V3) wordpress theme.
(it will not be working properly if you don’t use javo spot, Javo Directory (V3) theme.)

Basically, Javo Spot, Javo Directory (V3) offers one type of map style, which is great. However, some people may want to change the configuation and style of the map according to such
a way as they wish.
This plugin is designed for these sort of people. This plugin helps the people obtain all types of maps which they imagine.

– Map Layout
This changes the figures of the map such as Panel Position, Map Types(wide,box), Filter Position, Filter Type, etc.

– Map Style
There are various settings about those which appear on the map such as Map Primary color, marker, hover marker, zoom level, cluster, etc.

– Type of Item
This changes the type of item on the panel into various types of modules which Javo Spot, Javo Directory (V3) Theme has.

– List page
You can use the map page not only as a simple page showing the map but also as a type of item list.
When the page is getting loaded through the Default Listing Type option, this can set up whether the map appears or the List emerges.

Documentation :
※ The design can be different by our theme due to update issues.

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  1. Maillot

    mapping tool with great features, it’s promising!

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