Migration (V2 to V3 )



This is for only Javo Directory (V2) users to import / migrate all of item data to Javo spot listing data (or Javo Directory V3)

It’s for very old version users. please check it out your version.

***** Important : You MUST backup your data, files before you use this plugin. lava team doesn’t have any responsibility losing your data. no support for import data *****

* Post type
– Title
– Content
– Comment
– Featured image

* Address
* Phone
* Email
* Website
* Video (* Not ready yet )
* Address on Map
* Streetview
* 3D iFrame code ( you need addons to keep using it on Javo spot )
* Description images
* Custom fields ( you need addons to keep using it on Javo spot) (* Not ready yet )

* Item Category
* Item Location
* Featured Item true/false

========== How to use ============
1. Install this plugin on the sever which has “javo directory ( v2 )”. ( You MUST backup in a case.)
2. Activate Javo spot (or Javo directory v3) theme and activate required plugins ( javo spot core, lava directory manager )
3. Activate this plugin and there will be a tab “Javo Directory Import” on Listing settings.
4. Check agreement and hit “Migration”
5. Wait and done!

* This plugin has been tested over 500 listing data, if you have too many data, it might be causing issues. it’s also depending on your serve performance.


For Javo Directory V2 users.

As you may know that the v2 is basically an outstanding theme.

However, while we progressed on the v3, we made an effort for the speed improvement and added great functions and designs via the compatibility work with the powerful plugins.
Therefore, we had to change the framework for this and build from scratch some major parts. that’s why the data types, shortcodes are different between v2 and v3.

You should consider whether you keep using the v2 or v3.
V2 is still a great one. if you are happy with V2, you should keep using it. it has most of important and major features and works fine.

If you decide to update to v3, you need to migrate data from V2 to V3 with this plugin.
And then, you should set up the pages. Because there are a lot of differences between shortcodes used for v2 and v3 . You can’t use V2 shortcodes and pages. You can use new V3 pages if you need. ( If you have some your own page in V2, you need to rebuild them with V3 shortcodes )
We’ve removed the v2 shortcodes to create more outstanding shortcodes via ‘The grid’plugin we newly added.

We recommend that you make migration with v3, of course.

[Note] If you customized v2, you should seriously think about it. it doesn’t effects your customization. It is hard for us to help you move your customization parts.  as you may know, we don’t basically help the customized theme. Items could be changed by using migration plugin to be used for v3.
V3 is also required some lava addons or WC which we worked on compatibility. About addons
If you don’t want to use a paid add-ons, please keep using V2 which works still fine.



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