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This plugin is for ONLY javo spot, Javo Directory(V3,V4), Listopia(V2), Lynk(V2) wordpress theme.
if you are using another themes, please request us for compatibility. ( )

Some users might think that the item fields which we make are not sufficient to represent all their listing information properly.
This is the addon which we make for these people. You can create an additional listing field through this addon and also display the information which you want to show to people.
You can set up 6 element types (Group, Text Field, Text Area, Select Box, Radio Button, and CheckBox )

However, it’s not related to searching. It’s for displaying additional information on single listing detail pages.
To make sure that the all of fields you create are displaying in a section. It’s not for displaying each field in different area.


Documentation :
※ The design can be different by our theme due to update issues.

This plugin is for ONLY Listopia, Directory V4, Javo Spot V3, Lynk V2 WordPress theme.
(it will not be working properly if you don’t use these theme.)
if you are using other themes, please request us for compatibility. ( )


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