Terms & Conditions

Please read this license agreement carefully, as it governs your relationship with Lava plugin. In this agreement Lava Code may also be referred to as “we” or “us”, and Lava Plugins, along with any other product developed by Lava code team, may also be referred to as the “Software”. This agreement as a whole may be referred to as the “Agreement” or as the “Terms and Conditions”.


“Add-on License” means a license purchased from Lava Code team, and it includes a license key and access to upgrades and support for the Software to which it applies. Terms herein that govern Add-on Licenses are in addition to and cumulative with the other terms in this Agreement. Purchased Add-on Licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase.



If you have a valid and active license key as a result of having purchased an Add-on License, you will receive updates for the duration of your license. Updates will be delivered automatically from the WordPress dashboard if your license key is active in your WordPress dashboard. If you are unable to get automatic upgrades from your dashboard, updates can be downloaded from your account page while your license is active.



Support for purchased extensions is given for up to one year after the purchase date and is available via our contact form. If you wish to receive support after one year, you must renew your license key or purchase a new license key. If a purchased extension is discontinued, Lava code, at its sole discretion, may offer a replacement or other extension at no or reduced cost to purchasers of the discontinued extension. However, we undertake no obligation whatsoever to extend support for discontinued extensions or to offer any replacement or refund in the event that an extension is discontinued.

For Javo users, you will get support from Javo support site as long as you have valid support belonging to the products.


4. Support and Updates

Support and updates are needed to be renewed yearly. You must pay for the price listed on the checkout page at the time of renewal. You may, however, defer your support extension to a later date; you just won’t be eligible for support until you renew.



We can give you a refund if any of our products are not working properly. Before that, we may ask for a certain number of days to try and fix your problem. The products are only refundable if we can’t fix the things that we promised.

However, we don’t provide refunds relating to 3rd party issues (ex. Javo Themes).



We reserve the right to change pricing at any time for any or for no reason. We reserve the right to not honor typographical errors which may cause incorrect pricing on the website. We will absolutely never sell or share your personal information with third parties. All data we collect will be used for internal purposes only.