Data refresh (Json data) for maps or some listing pages You need to refresh json data at least 1 time after you upload some listings. after that it will be updated automatically. if you don’t see some listings, you can also hit refresh. ** Why you need to refresh json data. It’s for loading speed […]

Go to Dashboard >> Properties You can add 4 taxonomies. ‘Amenities’, ‘Types’, ‘City’, Status’. If an administrator already makes these, users can choose these when users make property. You can set name, slug, parent, description on this page. If you click ‘Add New Category’ button, It will be created.

Once you create listing page, there will be a listing page. It’s based on ajax. You are able to search listings by keywords (from title, description), by Location (taxonomy), by Category (taxonomy), by property type (taxonomy) All of taxonomies can be managed on back-end.  

Page settings : Section required to be set up for the lava plugin to function properly. Add Property : Setting a page for creating new property or editing page. It needs to be [lava_realestate_form] Shortcode in the page. My Page : Setting a page to manage registered property posts. It needs to be [lava_realestate_mypage] Shortcode in the page. Login […]

Add Item Settings : Default setting for newly posted property posts. New Property Status : Setting whether [Publish] or [Pending] when new property post has been posted. Admin can approve after review on pending posts. Post New Listing Permit : Setting whether non-members need to sign up or not when users add new property.

Single Settings : Setting for single detail pages of property Amenities Display Type : Option setting about amenities form of property – List only selected : Mark only selected list – List all ( Unselect & selected)  : All lists show and selected lists emphasized.