How to Use Payment

Once you install the Payment addon and activate it, a Payment tab is generated at Dashboard >> Properties >> Settings.

Requires : Basically you can use this addon only when woocommerce is installed. This place lets you know whether or not Woocommerce is installed.
Payment Settings : You can activate or deactivate the payment function.
Page Settings : When a user tries to compose a Property, the admin can set up the price table page which moves.

Once the payment function is activated, please move to Products >> Add Product. In this place, please select the Product Data as ‘Lava Item Package’.

Free Property : This option allows users to compose the property for free. You should set up the Regular Price field as 0.
Item Property limit : You can set up the amount of the property which users can make.
Item Property Duration : You can set up the period during which the property the user makes is activated.
Featured Item : You can set this up in order that users may make the Featured Property.

Users can see the packages which are purchased on My Page.


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